I am only small and measure 23cm, so perfect for cuddles.

Breath Easy, Sleep Easy with Zuki

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About Us

Hi, my name is Tess, and I am a proud mummy of three energised bunnies.
Let me tell you the story of how Zuki came about, because I believe most parents will be able to relate.

When my son caught his first cold as an infant, I felt helpless watching him struggling with his breathing due to being so congested. This left me feeling awful and doubly exhausted because now on top of the regular night feeds and sleep deprivation, my baby was now also restless with a horrible cold.

So out comes the Karvol drops and trying to figure out a safe place to apply it without my baby accidentally getting any on his skin, because we all know the warning of the dangers of skin irritation and ingestion. I reach for his little rabbit and put drops of the decongestant on it and place it out of reach of my baby, but then came the question in my mind of whether it was close enough to work.

Off hubby goes to the late-night pharmacy and returns with the plug-in vapour release. Great I'm thinking the room will be filled with a decongestant that will help my baby. While the smell was pleasant and slightly soothing, just like the Karvol drops, it didn't seem to be strong enough to be that effective. Don't get me wrong, all the decongestant aids out there do offer some degree of ease, but I wanted something safer that would provide greater relief.

That's when the idea came to me about a teddy bear that decongestants could be placed safely inside so it could be in proximity, bringing maximum relief and so Zuki was born... by parents for parents!

Why the name Zuki

Well there will be some parents here that may remember a late 70s cartoon called God Zooky. Puff puff little God Zooky inspired the name of our loveable little Zuki

  • Step 1: Unfasten the Velcro and zip on the back of Zuki Fig1.

    Step 2: Add 3 or 4 drops of your preferred decongestant or essential oil, to a cotton wool ball or pad.  For our congested son we used Olbas oil, which worked wonders but feel free to use your own choice. You can increase or decrease the amount according to your need, but do not over saturate.  It is recommended to use one drop at a time until it meets your requirements and then insert the cotton wool into Zuki’s belly chamber.

    Step 3: Securely close the fastenings on the back of Zuki.

    Step 4: Give Zuki a squeeze to help the aroma flow through and breathe in. The mesh is breathable, but importantly keeps the oil away from your child Fig2.

    To clean: The Inner chamber is wipeable with any gentle cleaning product or wipe. Do not use any abrasive cleaning solutions or materials to clean.

  • Fig1.

  • Fig2.

Useful recommendations from parents...

Olbas Oil

Suitable for adults and children as young as 3 months, though Olbas also has a gentler formulation especially developed for little noses – Olbas for Children, also suitable from 3 months.

For those little blocked noses that find traditional Olbas Oil just a bit too powerful, there's Olbas for Children, a gentle decongestant formulation to relieve congestion in even the smallest noses of the family – from as young as 3 months old.

Olbas Oil



The formulation releases soothing essential oils over many hours.

From age 3 months upwards.


Like all medicine, please keep out of the sight and reach of children at all times.

*Always read the label*

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